Thursday, 31 March 2011

my perfume collection.

I decided for my first post I'd show you guys my perfume collection. I don't wear perfume that much, but when I do these are my most go-to choices! Enjoy, and I hope you check them out - you will not regret it! 

1) Flora by Gucci
I accidentally just sprayed this perfume all over my screen in an attempt to smell it! It's a good thing I love it! It's a sweet scent, and strangely reminds me of nappies...I don't know why. I'm guessing Flora means flower or something, and that's certainly the type of perfume this is: floral! It's nearly empty too!

2) Velvet Hour by Kate Moss
My mum's friend got this perfume as a present for my mum's birthday, but Mum doesn't like Kate Moss so wasn't really bothered about having her perfume. I tried it out and fell head over heels: it's actually my favourite out of this whole collection! It's smell is exactly how the title perceives. It's not sweet or floral or happy, but merely dark, musky, mysterious. The bottle is so cute too, and as you can see the lighting was perfect on my laptop so the lid is a lovely sapphire blue! Gorgeous!

3) Eau Dynamisante by Clarins
This was a hard photo to take, as the computer screen was reflected in the bottle! Anyway, I haven't used this much, and I got it for my birthday a couple of years ago, but I do love it! The scent is ever so similar to a man's cologne, as it is musky and extremely masculine, but that's what I love about it. It's not the kind a silly little teenager would wear, but more of a classy and sophisticated woman. For instance, I can imagine my grandmother wearing it, but not one of my friends. Nevertheless, it's still a lovely perfume and I highly recommend it, especially if you're the kind to go out to dinner regularly with your family/boyfriend/friends!

4) Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo
This is my most recent perfume. My mum bought it while out shopping, but I use it myself sometimes as the smell is simply divine! As soon as you spray it the fruitiness of the perfume hits you, and you find yourself spraying it absolutely everywhere since you love it immediately! The bottle is so cute yet so simple, which I adore about it. It's sophisticated, gorgeous and perfect for you if you love the smell of fruit - just in time for spring/summer weather!

5) Just Pink by Next (the store)
Not many clothes' stores promote perfumes, but my mum bought this perfume for me I think a couple of years ago for Christmas/birthday and I love it! The bottle and lid are quite plain and have no meaningful design, but a cute little addition is the JP 'necklace' around the lid, which adds simplicity and makes it quite unique. The scent itself isn't a very feminine one (not as masculine as Eau Dynamisante), but isn't powerfully manly either. It's halfway, but the name suggests it to be sweeter than it is. Despite that, I do love the scent and have used quite a bit of it even though it is a small bottle!

6) Miracle Forever by Lancome Paris
My final perfume is this one: such a sweet and fruity scent - this is actually the first perfume I owned! I got it for my birthday a few years ago and was obsessed - wore it to every event I could and had it as my own signature. I still love it, but am not as obsessed as I used to be. The smell is really sweet and the kind of scent that makes you smile whenever you smell it - it's such a light and dainty smell!

So, that's it for my perfume collection. I hope you try these perfumes out for yourselves, since they're so gorgeous! Bye everyone xoxo.