Tuesday, 26 April 2011

a trip to starbucks!

My mum went to Starbucks today under my request (she was shopping near the area anyway, I didn't just force her to go like a bitch) and I asked her to get me a lemon frappuccino and a birthday cake pop. They weren't in stock, so my replacements were a chocolate frappuccino and a rocky road cake pop. The rocky road is so gorgeous, and so is the frappuccino. Quite expensive as a whole, but as a treat every so often it's pretty affordable and pretty neat. I love cake pops now, and so they are my new favourite snack from Starbucks (was previously the shortbread slice)!

Friday, 22 April 2011

my mood light!

This post is a review of Philips' LivingColours LED Moodlight Lamp in Black. Before I start I must say I haven't been asked to write this review, but thought I would do it anyway because I want to share with you guys how much I love it!

Although this photo doesn't capture the whole appearance of the light, it pretty much is what it is. My light is black, but there are 4 types altogether: white opaque, black opaque, white transparent, black transparent. Even though mine looks opaque, it is really transparent, and the colour doesn't bother me at all: I'd have preferred white to go with my room decor, but I'm not too bothered about it because it's only a small light and isn't a huge clash with the room colours (my room is pink and cream). 

The remote is cool too. It looks really technical, and it is a little, but when you get used to the buttons you'll find it's not hard to operate at all. The top bar is the on and off buttons (you don't press them, but just rub them with your finger like you would a laptop pad). The circle is obviously the colour wheel, and you can choose pretty much any colour you'd like on the whole wheel. In the middle is the strength of the lighting - if you want it dimmed, you touch the dimmer button, but if you want it strong you touch the stronger button. Finally, at the bottom is the brightener pad. If you want the lighting to be really bright, you touch the brighter button, but if you want a low lighting you can touch the lower button. I personally don't see much difference in the brightener and the strength buttons, but some people obviously do if the buttons are there. 

My webcam is pretty rubbish, therefore delivers poor quality on each photo, but you get the idea of what kind of colour ranges the light provides. I keep mine facing the wall, so it doesn't shine in my eyes but gives my room a glow. I don't really have a particular colour I choose, but more or less choose a colour depending on my mood (guess that's why they call it a mood light!). My favourite would probably be red, because it's dark but I'd go with any colour really. 

I hope you enjoyed this review and consider purchasing this item. I'm not sure exactly how much it costs but it's definitely worth it, whatever the price, trust me! Mine had a bit of difficulties to start with, as there were batteries provided but they didn't work, so I had to change them, but that's the only problem I've had with the light - it's not a problem-prone product at all in my opinion so far at least. If you do decide to buy this light, do tell me because I'd love to know if you did! 

Thursday, 14 April 2011


So this morning I went to a meeting at school. To cut a really long story short, it went well and I'll be joining after easter, which is nerve-racking but also quite exciting :)

After I picked up my little brother from school I headed out into the local shopping centre to splash my cash. I didn't do a lot of shopping, and at the end headed out to get a blue & red mixed polar krush from the milkshake bar. I just love polar krush because I hate strawberry flavoured things in general but love the slushie flavour, and mixed with the blue (blue raspberry?) it tastes so lovely but so sour too!

Tonight I need to tidy my room because my friend is coming over tomorrow and my mum keeps bugging me because it "looks like a pig sty". As they say, mum knows best so I'd better get that done before bed and then I have pretty much no plans so I can just lounge around, woop! :)

Thursday, 7 April 2011

satin and sequins.

These shorts/hot-pants are so cute. Sure, they're not your everyday shorts (I'd usually go for ripped denim, for instance), but these shorts just scream "disco". I've only actually worn these once before, and so they're getting a little too small for me now (I have to endure a massive wedgie right now - but it's worth it), so I either have to replace them or renew them. 

The shorts are absolutely covered in sequins, as you can see, which is why they're not an everyday outfit essential, but for the odd disco, party or just lounging around at home they're pretty perfect. Whatever part is not sequined is satin, so they're really soft and smooth too - and if they're not giving you a wedgie like me, they're pretty comfortable.

Also, how cute are these shoes? The heel isn't too big, so you're able to walk around in them without falling flat on your face and looking like a dork, yet high enough to earn sophistication with every step.

Jumper: F&F 
Shorts: Next
Heels: George

Saturday, 2 April 2011

my april wishlist/wants.

1) Some cute bangles. Spring and summer means, for me, bare arms. I want some nice bangles that are lightly toned and will match my spring/summer clothes as well as add a touch of style to my choices. 

2) A really cute playsuit. I had my eye on a cute floral playsuit from Boohoo.com, but it wasn't available on Polyvore where I edited this wishlist. This spring's fashion will consist mainly of floral patterns and designs, and I've also had my eye on a pretty pair of floral shorts. 

3) OPI's Dulce de Leche. I need a really pretty nail polish as my toes will be on show, so I looked through OPI's collections as they are my favourite nail polish brand. This colour is cute because even though it is darker than some nude colours, it is summery to me and will be perfect for spring.

4) Sandals. I already have a pair, but want to stock up as I'll probably grow out of my current ones halfway through spring. My main colour scheme throughout spring will be pinks, nudes and beiges. 

5) New shorts. Believe it or not, I have zero pairs of shorts (apart from some sequined silk shorts, but I'll save those for the discos), so I really need some. I'm thinking white, or denim. 

6) Sunglasses. I have some lame pairs from when I was a child, that are bright pink with the Barbie logo on the side, but that's it. I find it so weird that I'm not stocked up at all for spring weather - I need to raid the clothes stores pronto.

7) Daisy by Marc Jacobs. My previous post is about my perfume collection, and if you read it you'll know that most of my perfumes are old and are from a couple of years ago. Daisy is probably the most popular perfume at the moment, and so many good reviews are posted about it, so I want to try it out.