Thursday, 14 April 2011


So this morning I went to a meeting at school. To cut a really long story short, it went well and I'll be joining after easter, which is nerve-racking but also quite exciting :)

After I picked up my little brother from school I headed out into the local shopping centre to splash my cash. I didn't do a lot of shopping, and at the end headed out to get a blue & red mixed polar krush from the milkshake bar. I just love polar krush because I hate strawberry flavoured things in general but love the slushie flavour, and mixed with the blue (blue raspberry?) it tastes so lovely but so sour too!

Tonight I need to tidy my room because my friend is coming over tomorrow and my mum keeps bugging me because it "looks like a pig sty". As they say, mum knows best so I'd better get that done before bed and then I have pretty much no plans so I can just lounge around, woop! :)


  1. i love slushies! congrats about the school :) x

  2. Maddalena - it was! :)
    head over heels - I do too! & thank you :) x