Saturday, 2 April 2011

my april wishlist/wants.

1) Some cute bangles. Spring and summer means, for me, bare arms. I want some nice bangles that are lightly toned and will match my spring/summer clothes as well as add a touch of style to my choices. 

2) A really cute playsuit. I had my eye on a cute floral playsuit from, but it wasn't available on Polyvore where I edited this wishlist. This spring's fashion will consist mainly of floral patterns and designs, and I've also had my eye on a pretty pair of floral shorts. 

3) OPI's Dulce de Leche. I need a really pretty nail polish as my toes will be on show, so I looked through OPI's collections as they are my favourite nail polish brand. This colour is cute because even though it is darker than some nude colours, it is summery to me and will be perfect for spring.

4) Sandals. I already have a pair, but want to stock up as I'll probably grow out of my current ones halfway through spring. My main colour scheme throughout spring will be pinks, nudes and beiges. 

5) New shorts. Believe it or not, I have zero pairs of shorts (apart from some sequined silk shorts, but I'll save those for the discos), so I really need some. I'm thinking white, or denim. 

6) Sunglasses. I have some lame pairs from when I was a child, that are bright pink with the Barbie logo on the side, but that's it. I find it so weird that I'm not stocked up at all for spring weather - I need to raid the clothes stores pronto.

7) Daisy by Marc Jacobs. My previous post is about my perfume collection, and if you read it you'll know that most of my perfumes are old and are from a couple of years ago. Daisy is probably the most popular perfume at the moment, and so many good reviews are posted about it, so I want to try it out.  


  1. Cute wishlist! I like everything on it =)

  2. @Estefany - thank you! I tried to choose cute photos to accompany my choices :)

  3. @Jazzy - it is, isn't it? The actual colour is lighter, but the photo makes it look much darker!

  4. I want the nail varnish too! Such a lovely spring colour

  5. @Sophie - I know, it's such a gorgeous colour! It looks darker on the photo, but in reality it is such a light nude colour, perfect for spring!

  6. i love the marc jacobs scent! they've recently come out with a new one that's a lot later but just like daisy :)

    hope your weds going well!

  7. @Stephany - oh, wow! I really want to give it a try, haven't even smelled it yet! I'm sure I'll love it though :) and thank you, you too!

  8. I love all the items!! Especially the jumpsuit!! :)