Thursday, 7 April 2011

satin and sequins.

These shorts/hot-pants are so cute. Sure, they're not your everyday shorts (I'd usually go for ripped denim, for instance), but these shorts just scream "disco". I've only actually worn these once before, and so they're getting a little too small for me now (I have to endure a massive wedgie right now - but it's worth it), so I either have to replace them or renew them. 

The shorts are absolutely covered in sequins, as you can see, which is why they're not an everyday outfit essential, but for the odd disco, party or just lounging around at home they're pretty perfect. Whatever part is not sequined is satin, so they're really soft and smooth too - and if they're not giving you a wedgie like me, they're pretty comfortable.

Also, how cute are these shoes? The heel isn't too big, so you're able to walk around in them without falling flat on your face and looking like a dork, yet high enough to earn sophistication with every step.

Jumper: F&F 
Shorts: Next
Heels: George

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